Adding Archetype Catalog

(Preferences->Maven->Archetypes->Add Remote Catalog)

Navigate to the Preferences pane, expand Maven, locate Archetypes submenu.

alt text

Select Add Remote Catalog

alt text

Enter the following info in the Maven Archetype Interface

Catalog File:
Description: JSXM Archetypes

alt text

Click verify to see that all 3 archetypes are available.

After adding the archetype catalog in Eclipse the archetypes will be available when creating new Maven Projects.

Create a maven project based on JSXM example archetype

Select File -> New -> Other -> Maven Project -> Next

alt text

*Make sure that “Create a simple project(slip archetype selection)” is unselected

Select JSXM Archetypes from the catalog drop down menu or add “jsxm” keyword in the filter input and select jsxm-example-archetype.

alt text

Select Next, provide your desired group and artifact id and click Finish.

alt text

Locate the pom.xml of the created project, locate the jsxm-maven-plugin inside the build element and make sure that you comment/uncomment the right section depending on your operating system.

            <!-- Unix Paths -->
            <!-- Windows Paths -->
            <!-- <param>org\jsxm\examples${artifactId}</param> -->


mvn jsxm:create-sample

and a JSXM example will be created inside the spec src/spec folder.

The above example contains all the necessary information to trigger any of the available JSXM goals.

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Version: 1.4.11-RC5. Last Published: 2017-11-30.