Calc is a specification of a simple calculator accepting one digit at a time and performing (for the time being) only addition. This is an example of a uniform specification since test inputs do not depend on memory.
Therefore all test sequences are realizable. This is an input-complete specification.

The following snippet describes the states and the transitions of the Book JSXM specification.

    <!--States definition-->
        <state name="initial"/>
        <state name="accept"/>
        <state name="result"/>

    <!--Initial State definition-->
    <initialState state="initial"/>

    <!--Transitions definition-->
        <transition from="initial" function="digit1" to="accept"/>
        <transition from="accept" function="digitN" to="accept"/>
        <transition from="accept" function="add" to="initial"/>
        <transition from="accept" function="res" to="result"/>
        <transition from="result" function="digit1" to="accept"/>
        <transition from="result" function="add" to="initial"/>
        <transition from="initial" function="addErr" to="initial"/>
        <transition from="initial" function="resErr" to="initial"/>
        <transition from="initial" function="dig1Err" to="initial"/>
        <transition from="accept" function="digNErr" to="accept"/>
        <transition from="result" function="resErr" to="result"/>
        <transition from="result" function="dig1Err" to="result"/>

*The example contains implementation, specification and the java adapter.

Download the CalculatorAddition Maven project.

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Version: 1.4.11-RC5. Last Published: 2017-11-30.